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Participants' Playground



Welcome to the Playground!


On this page, you will have the opportunity to practice your wiki skills. Give it a try before you create your own wiki :-)


Try .....

  • creating a link to another page of the wiki
  • creating a link to an external page
  • posting an image
      •  use the URL of an image or
      • upload an image (remember to use small pictures - less than 100 kb)
  • Changing font colors
  • Adding a table
  • Embedding a recording or video
  • Playing with world clocks



What time is it in your country?


To insert the clock with your local time, follow the instructions here






Name Country Local time
Michela Furia



Alejandra Blanco 
Nizara Hazarika  India

Tetyana Pavlenko



Jelena Bodjanac  Serbia 
Dajana Vukadin  Croatia 
Melanie Majeski 

United States 

Martin Postlethwaite  Jersey, Channel Islands, GB 

Skip Gole 

Bethesda, Maryland, the USA 

Carolyn  Canada 
Calum Stirling  Sicily, Italy   
Ali Bouhmala   Morocco 


Maria Rita 



Gordana Palada


Taivi Estonia  
Elena Manou


Fumiko oginuma





United Kingdom




Comments (2)

Dajana Vukadin said

at 5:12 pm on Jan 13, 2014

<iframe scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="overflow:hidden;border:0;margin:0;padding:0;width:100px;height:100px;" src="http://www.clocklink.com/html5embed.php?clock=006&timezone=GMT0100&color=blue&size=100"></iframe>

Fatima-Zahra Ajjoul said

at 11:38 am on Jan 18, 2014

<iframe scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="overflow:hidden;border:0;margin:0;padding:0;width:100px;height:100px;" src="http://www.clocklink.com/html5embed.php?clock=005&timezone=Morocco_Casablanca&color=red&size=100"></iframe>

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