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Graduation Page

Page history last edited by Fumiko 10 years, 3 months ago


Graduation Party Time !


What are the ingredients for a perfect Graduation? – all our wonderful participants of course!



But you can't arrive at a party empty-handed !

Flowers, drinks, food, cards, messages, chocolates, music, songs, surprise gifts are all welcome !

(especially chocolates for me !)

So let's get creative. Share your virtual present with the group!


Dear ICT4ELT 2014! Let's celebrate our first year of completion and graduation! Here is my celebration with the great food pictures! Larisa




From Ali Moroccan tea




Dear moderators and participants, thank you for this fabulous session. These flowers are for you. Maria Rita


Thanks! Michela

Thanks a lot! Olfa



Fumiko Oginuma: I was not a positive participant in the sessions, but this is my acknowledgement for every other participants. Thank you.






Comments (5)

Marie said

at 4:09 pm on Feb 15, 2014

Hello!!!! I uploaded a picture (white hydrangeas) but don't know how to add them to the page... Can you help me please? Thanks!!!!

Larisa A. Olesova said

at 5:12 pm on Feb 15, 2014

Hi Marie, just click on Edit, put the cursor on the place where you want your picture appears, find the files tool bar on the right, find your file and click on it. It should be shown on the page. Then, you need to re-size it if it is big. Just click on the image when it is on the page. Then add resolution like 200X200 or 150x150 which one you like more. Good luck. Let me know if it helps. Larisa

Ms Elena said

at 8:54 pm on Feb 16, 2014

I missed all the action this week! I am so sorry I couldn't make it but I have been buried in reports and assessment for my students. Thank you all so much!
We'll see how much I can catch up with! Will we have access to this wiki for long?

Larisa A. Olesova said

at 12:51 am on Feb 18, 2014

Hi Elena, yes, this wiki space will be available all the year. Feel free to come back any time you need. Also, our Yahoo Group email is available for the questions or sharing. Thank you for the feedback, Larisa

bambo SAKHANOKHO said

at 11:30 am on Mar 5, 2014

Hello, please I would like to know if there are certificates for participants
Thank you very much

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